Live room and agenda

I live in a total different time zone. If there is a Live Class then that is at 23:00.

Like now I was waiting if there will be something, but nothing came (thought GPO was planned for tonight)

Anyway, the agenda is not working so I wonder when it do will happen.
I reserve the time now all the time but I cannot see if something is plannend or not.

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Hey @luuc.zandbergen - the live stream was cancelled last night. I agree that the system is flawed because you couldn’t tell while in the room. I apologize for this and will work on a better solution and hopefully implement something today.

okay, understandable but when do you go to plan it then? I need to plan that also in for myself. (due the fact that I currently work on different times)

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@ServerAcademy I would like to know if you are have planned something for tomorrow… Took the evening off, so hope that was not for nothing :smile:

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We are planning on running the Group Policy training session tomorrow. Maybe having a calendar on the page would be a good idea…

@luuc.zandbergen I added a public calendar - that way you can easily see when events are scheduled. If they are cancelled the event title will show “Cancelled” so it’s easy to tell.

You can see the calendar at the bottom of this page:

Thanks for your feedback!