About Lab progress

Why with the labs can I tell if I got a section of the Lab correct or not. It’s no way to tell if you got the lab correct or not.


This is correct. You should be able to look at the configuration and the results to see if whatever you’re working on is working as shown in the videos. We do plan on making most of the IT labs include automated grading but this will take some time before we can complete this and not all labs will be compatible.

We have started with the process of enabling the lab scoring on Module 1.
Right now we have done it for the first lab: Install Windows Server 2016 Desktop Experience.


Hey so I was just doing Module 1 lab on installing the Desktop Experience. I have a screen shot I took of the installed OS but it said it could not verify that it was installed using powershell so I could get receive a grade. Any thoughts?

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Hi @austin1985a

Thanks for pointing that out to us. It is because the password for the administrator is different than the Lab. You can set it to Pa$$w0rd as in the Resources Tab. We have also updated the instructions to avoid error during the evaluation.


I was wondering if I was supposed to use a default password and that was the issue. I take is the ‘0’ is a zero?

Yes, that’s correct, it is a cero 0.