Active Directory Domains and Trusts

During my lab, when I tried to configure the 2 way transitive trust between and I got an error message that it isn’t a valid windows domain?
What can I do?

Hey, i believe I ran into the same error and it was throwing me off quite a bit. What I did to remedy the issue was take it out of safe mode in msconfig. If Youre talking about something else I’m sorry, please disregard.

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Thanks for the reply. This is a different one not the run in safe mode task. but thanks ,

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If you cant reach the domain then most likely you’re not using the correct DNS servers. Please check your server to make sure it can resolve your target DNS domain name. If it can’t, it probably needs a DNS record created that will tell it where to look for that domain. Try creating a STUB zone if you havent already.

I’ve created a stub zone on the first step, and a 2 way transitive trust between and When I login from saws01 to the login is successful, but it gives me an error when I attempt to login to from cows01. Error msg: " The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed"