Active Directory Failure, and Stub zone cannot be created

Hello there,

First of all, merry christmas and happy new year 2021 to serveracademy team!

I built a lab to create stub zone that could enable domain to get resource from domain. So I created 3 computers on which I installed first DNS then Active Directory to promote 2 of them to Domain Controllers.

Unfortunately, I failed to create my Stub zone. I open ADUC to make sure my administrator account is member of Domain admin group, Enterprise Group, Dns… but i realize my ADUC cannot open and below is the error message.

Cnnot resolve

Cannot resolve the target FQDN server.
Need help to push me out of this issue.


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Hey Andre,

You definitely should fix your existing Active Directory issues before trying to add more complexity to it (a new DNS stub zone).

I see that the server you screenshot has the AD DS server role installed. Is it promoted as a domain controller? If so, which domain?

From the information I have now I think that something is fundamentally wrong with how you are promoting Domain Controllers - I think you should review Module 2 for promoting a domain controller and make sure you are completing all of those steps and take note of any different steps you are taking.


I finally solve ADUC issue. I demote it as a DC, I change the name of computer that wasn’t match the name, and I reinstall ADUC.

Unfortunatly, I am facing the same issue but a little bit different: I have created a stub zone, I double click on it and got a message error.

I switch through the other domain and allow transfer zone. But no success of the resolver.

My question: I have successfully installed Conditional forwarders on those domains servers, is it possible to install both Conditional forwarders and stub zone on the same domains?

If not, the solution could be already find: to uninstall Conditional Forwarder and install Stub zone.

Thank you for your your reverse.


Thank you Instructor Paul,

You are a heavy surgeon as you always point to a correct solution despite distance.


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@andre.serville Sounds like you got it working then? Awesome!

Yes, I solve the Active Directory issue but not the Stub Zone.

As I told you earlier, I have created Secondary Zone, Conditional Forwarder and Stub Zone could be installed if I uninstalled Conditional Forwarder, Right?

However, I am understanding well step by step my labs issues.

Thank you

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