ADDS Lab Assignment

The lab assignment for installing and setting up Active Directory and promoting a server to a DC has a possibly incorrect instruction. When modifying the server network settings from a DHCP assigned value to a static IP, the instructions say to set the SUBNET mask to

The server will not accept this subnet value. Actually, after entering the server IP, it auto-suggests a subnet of Taking this suggestion continues the configuration process, and I completed the setup as a result.

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Hey Richard,

The number 8 after the slash defines the subnet mask as This is referred to as slash notation:

/8 =
/16 =
/24 =
/32 =

The /8 means use 8 bits. It basically comes down to math, binary numbers and IP addresses. This is a complicated subject, but the table above can be very helpful. Basically slash notation “” is shorthand for “, subnet mask”.

Checkout this article that explains this in depth (you’ll get an idea for why I said it was complicated):,address%20is%20providing%20host%20address.&text=address%20and%20determines%20the%20network%20address%20and%20the%20node%20address.

To truly understand this, you need to understand how to convert IP address to binary numbers and back. The first section of the link above explains that pretty well.