Assigning a user collection to an administrative an administrative security role


I have created a SCCM Admins Users Collection and to verify that, I didn’t find the link related to Manager Report. And if I clic on the other link, the page send me an error 503.

Why is error happening while I respect the whole procedure?

Here are the screenshots as followed:
SCCM Domains
SCCM Domains2

Perhaps after a restart, i can have everything set in place?

Thank you.

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First be sure you are logged into the SCCM server as domain admin.
Have you installed the reporting services point roll under site system rolls in the console? if so, you might try removing that roll and reinstalling it.
You can do this from the Administration workspace, expand Site Configuration, and then select the Servers and Site System Roles node.

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Hello Instructor Robert,

I ve just uninstall th Reporting services point role et reinstall it but the status state is still the same. The user SCCM.Admin is the set as the admin user.

To tell you if it works or not, I am going to wait until I restart the computer…

Thank you

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Try clicking the report server URL. Most of the time the same information should be there. Perhaps a reboot will fix the problem. I think the issue is permissions related.

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