Azure AD Sign-in configuration

Trying to setup AD Connect with On Premise Server. Having a issue with Active Directory UPN Suffix don’t match. My online domain is and my on premise server uses

I have added UPN Suffix is Active Directory Domain and Trusts.

Error shows Users will not be able to sign-in to Azure AD with on-premise credentials if the UPN suffix does not match a verified domain.

Hi ttcs,

It seems you have done it right, but let me ask a quick question since I don’t see it in your description of the problem. After adding the UPN suffix in Active Directory Domain and Trusts did you change the UPN suffix for existing users? This might be the issue.

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I am making this reponse on behalf of @ttcs:

Yes I have. Except for the built in Administrator account
Second admin account
I only have one user

Do I have to remove the Administrator account for it to work?


There’s no need to remove the administrator account for it to work. Might need to make sure also if the domain is verified in O365.

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Thanks Domain is verified as emails are working fine.


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Awesome! I’m happy to hear it’s working now.