Courses Wont Load

I am trying to continue my course, but when I select “Continue” or try to start a new course, it loops back to the same page.

Hi @cmclean

Let us check your account with @Ruthie. We will reply back once fixed for you to check.


Thank you Ricardo… Any chance you can look into my payments as well. I have had 3 taken out in a short period of time.

Thank you.

Got it. Let us review your account status with @Ruthie.

I have the same Issue!

We will check your account as well @gopal.sys.adm.

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Hi @cmclean, @gopal.sys.adm,
Sorry for this inconvenience. Please check again. You should be able to access your courses now.

@cmclean, for confidentiality reasons, I have sent you an email regarding your payment issue. Please check it out when you can.


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