Default GP Exception

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to create a computer based GPO that does not lock the screen of a workstation.

I’ve moved the computer into a separate container in AD, and linked the following GPO to it,

But when I run GPO modelling on this container its listed as Denied GPOs - saying it’s not applied - Access Denied (Security Filtering) - any idea what I’m missing here?

Thanks in advance.

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Make sure that you check the setting by running rsop.msc on the target computer. How is the GPO applied to the OU?

Please include the modelling and RSOP screenshots.

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Thanks Paul, resolved by adding ‘Authenticated Users’ read permission on the Delegation tab of the GPO.

I was not aware this was needed for Computer objects.

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Correct. Think of GPOs like a file share. If your target user cannot access it the settings will not apply. Great job!

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