Deploy Active Directory Domain Services

Use this topic to discuss the ‘Deploy Active Directory Domain Services’ lab challenges. There is an awesome battle going on between @zeviposner and @matthew.stricker15! This is exactly what I was hoping to see!

Zevi was #1 with a score of 1,254 and time of 19:40 but Matthew took his spot with a score of 1,255 and a time of 19:33… Only a 7 Second difference!

As of this writing Zevi came back to #1 position with a new attempt at 17:07 and score of 1,286. It is possible to complete the lab in under 15 minutes - so I am excited to see those times come in.

Does connection speed have an effect on the speed of the VM? I wouldn’t think so, but it takes a whole 10 min just to wait for the “Applying of Computer Settings” after the computer reboots from promoting the domain controller.

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Hi @matthew.stricker15

It seems not related as you said, but we will need to check what might be causing it to be slow.

The performance of the connection is shown in the upper right corner of the VM window:



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@matthew.stricker15 Internet connection does not affect the speed of the VM but will affect things like click response on the VM. Deploying the policies after the initial promotion to a Domain Controller takes a while as you noted and this is normal. I see you scored 15 minutes - nice! My best was around 14 minutes but I suspect it can be closer to 10 minutes.

Something happened with the scoring of my last run.

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Sorry, my first reply was actually a bit of a joke. I just think the reboot takes a long time, maybe too long for me to really think I’d be able to hit 10min.

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Wow that is a fast time lol. I am looking into why it showed 0 for your score we are making a lot of code changes every day and it is obviously causing some issues like what you just saw. Ill get your score fixed.

Found and fixed the issue!

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