DHCP not working

I have configured the DHCP as per the tutorials but I cannot get my windows 10 machine assigned with a DHCP address as per the scope created.

I have a physical machine running windows server and two win 10 clients joined successfully to the domain.

How does the server assign the DHCP addresses ?

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Is the client computer receiving an IP address at all from DHCP? If it is receiving an address, but not the one you want it to have - perhaps the clients DHCP lease has not yet expired for the old IP address.

The client is receiving an IP address from the router’s DHCP.

Let me wait and see if the current lease will expire.

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Are you running your VM DHCP on the same network as your routers DHCP? If so, then as you can imagine this would cause a problem because you would have competing DHCP servers. Put your VMs on an isolated network so they wont interfere (or be interfered with) with your routers DHCP.

I am not running any VMs. I have a Physical machine running windows server 2019 and two other computers joined to the domain. I tried to wait for the DHCP lease to run out but the server did not allocate any IP addresses to the win 10 clients. Let me explain the configs that I have done.

The Windows server computer is on static IP which was earlier assigned by the Router. The two Win 10 clients joined to the domain are now having static IPs with the server IP acting as the Preferred DNS Server and the Routers IP as the Alternate DNS server. If I change the IPV4 properties for the two computers to DHCP, the Router allocates them an IP address instead of the Server. How do I make the server to allocate IP addresses to these two clients. Thanks in advance.

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First - disabled DHCP on your router. Be warned that this will likely break things like the wifi to your mobile phones if your domain controller / DHCP server isn’t up and running or running properly (this is why we prefer to use VMs in isolated virtual networks so they don’t interfere with your physical network).

Second, you need to install the DHCP server role on your domain controller and configure a DHCP scope.