DNS and DHCP Isuues

we have been having DHCP and DNS issues for a while. the network guys blaming the server admins. Any tool that can thoroughly scan my environment for any DHCP or DNS errors. to be honest, i don’t even know where to start to troubleshoot.

error logs coming soon.

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So first I would identify all your devices that are providing DNS and DHCP services. It could be possible that multiple devices or servers are trying to do the same thing.

hey, I have identify all the devices providing DNS and DHCP services.

  1. I have 5 DHCP and 4 DNS servers.
  2. They are all domain controllers.
  • I have four sites in the environment
  • Two servers at the main site and one server at each site.

Question: where do i start troubleshooting and what tool can i use to make this easy.

The only thing the network guys are going buy right now is very slow response time of DNS or no response from DNS. we are up and running but weir things happing that none us can out our figures on.

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think that this is hard to troubleshoot like this.

When I create a network I make a MS VISIO layout, so everything is mention in it.

This is great for troubleshooting. Personal I think that 5 DHCP seems to be a little but much.

So, if you can provide a layout would be great.
How much clients are there in your network then?

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I agree with @luuc.zandbergen, 5 DHCP servers seems to be overkill. Be careful posting networking information here though - these forums are public so that probably won’t make your engineers happy to find their network diagram on the internet.

Is there any reason you cannot have just two DHCP servers? How big is your network, are VPNs involved? You need to start testing latency between your connected devices where they are making complaints from.

First see if you can get the documentation on all four sites for all servers. If there is no documentation, create a networks group and create the docs. There is no way to troubleshoot your problems without proper documentation.
For starters, you can’t have more than one DHCP server on the same subnet assigning addresses from the same range. However, on the same subnet, you can have two DHCP servers that assign addresses from different ranges. The docs is where I would start.

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