DNS Delegation Lab


I think this has been tripping me up because this field asks for the FQDN, but in this case it only works with the DN. Why is that?

Hi @matthew.stricker15

The FQDN is because there’s no way for the server to revolve for the de server.

Let me double-check with @robert.hill on why the hostname works.
Robert, is this because of a Glue Record? Resolving via hostname and IP works but no FQDN.


Hello Matthew, Ricardo,
From the SVR-US-DNS1 server when you create the new delegation (video time 4:45) it’s asking you to type in the domain name DE. So what that means is that any queries that come into the SVR-US-DNS1 server will be forwarded to the DE domain, specifically to the SVR-DE-DNS1 server. I hope that makes sense. From the US server were you able to ping the DE server? Were you able to run nslookup svr-de-dns1.de.DNS-Zone.com. If so then you were successful creating your delegation.

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