DNS Stub zone lab

Hey Paul,

Do I have the following correct?.. When I want to implement the additional name server for fault tolerance purposes, my SVR-US server can’t resolve the SVR-DNS1 IP-address automatically, like it does in the video of your father (?). I first have to allow zone transfers etc. on the SVR-DNS1 for the IP-address of SVR-US? Is that correct?

Greetings, Johan

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It sounds to me like you want to add a second DNS server for the same domain? If so - just install the DNS server role on a domain joined DNS server then update your clients to use it as an alternate DNS server. If you use DHCP, update your scopes to use it as an alternative.


  1. Have you created a member server VM (a VM with Windows server installed) AD not installed)
    Joined to the domain?
  2. You will make your changes on the Master (in this case SVR-DNS1)
  3. In order for the secondary to receive a copy of the zone the master must be configured to allow
    zone transfers.
    If you download the pdf called Creating a secondary zone it will give you detailed instructions on how to proceed.


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