DNS Stub Zone Timed Out

What should I look for when I am trying to create a DNS stub zone and it timed out for failed to connect to a pointer DNS on
I know for a fact that is on the network. Please see image.

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A time-out means the computer could not make a connection. If you’re sure they are on the same network (VirtualBox should be using either an internal network or NAT Network), then it could be a firewall issue but I would guess that is unlikely.

According to Mod#4- Stub Zone creation, all DNS server are support to be on a different network. Im trying to connect HQ server to SVR-US.

DNS: -my home DNS



According to the lab, it wants these DNS server to be seperated. If I put these DNS severs on same network, I don’t have a problem with creating the Stub Zone.

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You need some kind of mechanism to connect these separate networks. It could be a VPN, or more simply you can just stick them on the same local network.

If you’re trying to simulate different physical locations, then you will definitely want to setup OpenVPN and connect them that way. I don’t think we have specific training on that network aspect you’re asking about however.