Event logs Script

Hi, I need to search event logs for the last 30 days and sort by Event ID to see the top errors by event ID.

Server | Event ID | Event ID Description | Qty

Any pointers on the best cmdlet to use in Powershell ?


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Sure, you can start with the code below which has an output like this:

Normally I don’t have time to write up code like this but today I was able to do so. PowerShell code is below:

# Setup variables
$Server = hostname
$30DaysAgo = (Get-Date).AddDays(-30)

# Get error events in the last 30 days from system
$Events = Get-EventLog -LogName System -After $30DaysAgo -EntryType Error

# Group them, get their description, add the server name
$GroupedEvents = $Events | Group-Object -Property InstanceId | Select-Object -Property Count, @{n='Server';e={$Server}}, @{n='Event ID';e={$_.Name}}, @{n='Description';e={$_.Group[0].Message}} | Sort-Object -Property Count -Descending

# Output grouped events

I am guessing you want to be able to run this remotely? If so I would wrap it inside of a function that accepts a target computer.

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Amazing! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Where would I add Export-Csv command in this code?

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Just pipe $GroupedEvents to the Export-CSV command like:

$GroupedEvents | Export-CSV -Path "c:\events.csv" -NoTypeInformation

The no type information removes the first line of the CSV that nobody cares about generally.

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Awesome, thanks Paul.

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