General SCCM Question

Can SCCM be used across domains? (i.e. an MSP environment?)

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What I read about it; Yes, it is possible to use SCCM on trusted and untrusted domains.
In fact SCCM does not care much about domains…

By using MP, DP and/or SUP. All depends on site, size, location etc.

MP= Management Point
DP= Distribution Points
SUP= Software Update Point (with WSUS)

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Yes but there would need to be a trust established between the two domains so your user and service accounts can authenticate in the other domains.

Are you sure about that? I do read everywhere that ConfigMgr/SCCM neither relies on or requires AD in any way. Also doesn’t matter if it are trusted or untrusted domains.

For example:

Or is it with Server 2019 changed?

As far what I read about it is that you need have in a untrusted domain a management point role installed.

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@luuc.zandbergen Nope you’re right - it can be used without an AD domain or a trust. Definitely requires a different and IMO more complicated setup but it can be done. Good catch!