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New to the site and my initial interest was in getting experiece using Active Directory. I downloaded the free version of Windows Server 2016 from Microsoft but stopped short of installing in when I realized it would replace my Windows 10. I’d like to know the best way to go about setting up my PC to do virtual labs as opposed to doing them in a web browser. I saw the video that said I could download VirtualBox but I would still have to install the Windows Server OS correct? Basically if I don’t have a PC or laptop that I can install and run Server on then is my only option the online labs?

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Hey Brian,

VirtualBox is exactly what you want to do. It won’t replace your OS if done correctly. Definitely watch Module 9 and follow the steps carefully. You wouldn’t be the first student to install Windows Server on their host computer.

There are other options you can use as well like Hyper-V.


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