Install SCCM

When I try to install SCCM at step 30 , it freeze at SQL database ( last step). I retry twice but same problem.

I had an other problem at 29 when installing this step : The SCCM Dependant Server Roles, the post install wsus fail ( last step)


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How powerful is your VM that you’re installing SCCM on? How long have you let it run before?

How long have you let the install run. I have seen the install take three hours. Just let it run hopefully it will complete. If that doesn’t work get back to us, we will try and help.


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The server has 2G of RAM and I wait about 10 mn before I cancel


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Yeah you definitely need to let it run longer than 10 min on 2GB of RAM. I wouldn’t expect it to complete in less than 1.5 hours.

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