Issue on validating the Bios Name

I am in the second module. I have some issues completing the Lab.
I created the AD domain name as requiered in the lab : “”, but when i reached to the step where i needed to checked the Bios name, i wrote down the “ad.ServerAcademy” as the bios name, but the name was not accepted: see the picture:

Writing istead “ad.ServerAcademy” as the bios name, is ok. What could be the issue.

Thanks for answering.

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@ulrich_nadia.finleu The NetBIOS name is supposed to be a shorter more friendly name. It is not supposed to match your domain name. This is why it defaults to AD.

Just curious, why use this like that?

What happen if a domain “AD.Servershop” has been created?
Then it will be also AD as netbios name, is it nog best practice to use more: “” then the other why around?
then the NETBIOS name will be “SERVERACADEMY” and with the second domain, “ServerShop.AD” the NETBIOS “SERVERSHOP”

I am not that deep into NETBIOS Names, does it give a error of two same netbios names are on the same network?

Personal I make always .local of it…