Are there any labs for imaging using MDT or WDS? This is something I want to sharpen my skills on.


We don’t have one set up at the moment but we can create one for you. Do you want to have a lab where you build WDS from scratch or have one where it is already set up?

if you provide the instructions, even if just on paper, on how to follow and create it, it could be great. having both would be brilliant too. thanks Paul

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I agree with Vitor I have no problem setting it up just need to know which lab would fit the appropriate specs to test it.

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I would recommend using this lab for installing WDS. I am not sure how we enable PXE boot for the VMs with our lab vendor but I will look into this.

@chance.m @vitor.sousa I created the lab for installing WDS. Pretty soon I will upload a complete installed version.

The other IT lab I referenced earlier wasn’t good for actual PXE deployments because SAWS01 was a generation 1 Hyper-V vm which doesn’t support PXE boots. That has been fixed in the new IT lab.

It’s available from the labs page (search “WDS”):

I am working on a complete WDS installation now.

I got the complete WDS build online on the labs page. I am going to build a WDS module as well - but for now I just added the instructions inside the lab. Search the labs page for “Administrate Windows Deployment Services”.

I did a quick test deployment and was able to deploy Windows 10.

Wow. Thanks so much!

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