Module 4: DNS Basics getting Warning configuring IPv4

Hello All!

I’m following along on my Virtual Box [Server 2016]. I’m watching the second video (DNS Basics). In the video, there is 2 Ethernet Adapters. I tried to set up the same scenario. In the virtual box settings I’ve enabled both Ethernet Adapters as NAT.

Following along in the video the instructor assigned a static ip address for the second Ethernet Adapter. I filled out the Static IP and DNS information, when I clicked [OK], a Microsoft TCP/IP warning came up and I’m not sure what to do or what I should be doing different.

Please tell me what I should be doing or what I did wrong.
Thank you.

Here are some screen shots:


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Thank you for your reply. I entered the same information as the guy in the video exception of the default gateway. I’m still getting an error. I did it again and took screen shot.

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I’m also not sure if this has to do with anything but I’ll put it here. In my VB settings I enabled the ethernet2. There is an option for the Attach to: NAT

Not sure if this needs to be changed.

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I know you have been working with Installing the DNS Windows Server Role. What is the video time on that lecture where there are two ethernet cards to configure?


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I’m on Module 4 > DNS Basics > Installing the DNS Windows Server Role > (at 2:04)
This is the Lecture that I’m following along. The instructor in the video doesn’t configure Ethernet 1, he just goes right into Ethernet 2 and configures that. Maybe I missed something, I don’t know.

I’m also confused by one of the “Best Practices” in this same Lecture, the instructor mentions that DNS installed first, Then AD (at 1:30). The reason I’m confused is because all the previous lessons Module 2 > Getting Started with Active Directory Domain Service > Promote the Server to a Domain Controller > (at 6:50), we’ve installed Active Directory then promote it to a Domain Controller which in the process installs the DNS tool. I just want to be clear.

Thank you for any advice in advance.

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Yes I understand the confusion. You can certainly install DNS at the same time as Active Directory.
The thought behind “install DNS first” before AD, is that if you have DNS configured first, and the Windows server and network is connected to an external DNS source those external services would be in place and “known” to the Windows server first then you could add Active Directory. It used to be a “Microsoft best Practice” But I agree in most circumstances “DNS first” would not be needed. My past experiences has always been DNS is the first place that I look when I am bringing up a new system or having connection problems.