Module 4: Installing and Configuring Domain Name System (DNS) - DNS Security Client Installation

Hello Instructor Robert,
I review this module again and I tried to perform that on my own lab but something goes wrong. I don’t find how you did to install under your Group Policy Management Wizard.
Bellow on my computer, you will find my FQDN under with I created a NRPT OU.
Could you tell me how you proceeded please?
Also, here it is very particular to create an OU under a Group Policy Management (Cool!)
I created a GPO but I cannot apply. Perhaps because it is not the right location, I don’t know. I need your assistance. Thank in advance.
Please find attached my screenshot for more understanding.

I would be glad to help you. Please tell me the name of the section and the name of the lecture that you are working on and if possible the video time so that I can zero in on exactly what you are trying to tell me.