Module 4 / Trouble Shooting Subscriptions Lab - Need Help

Hello All,

I’m working on the lab part of the subscription. In the objectives, the Desktop-KRU1V4M is not coming up in the Event View on the SVR-US.

  • I check the KRU1V4M / Computer Management / Local users and groups / Groups / Event Log Reader
    This seems to be configured properly.

  • I checked on the SVR-US / Event Viewer / Subscriptions
    This seems to be configured properly as well. Successfully tested the connection for KRU1V4M.

  • I looked in SVR-US / Event Viewer / Forwarded Events
    I’m not getting any log/information on the KRU1V4M

Can someone guide me in the right direction?

Many Thanks.

Hi Jae,

Let me send you an article that hopefully will help you out. It’s difficult to troubleshoot your problem without observing the problem.
Send me your email and I will email the article to you.
my email address is