Office Upload Center on Terminal Server

Hey community,
Multiple people from our staff have frequent issues with the Office Upload Center on our Terminal Server.
They are working with Office 2019 as Remote Apps and everyone has a profile folder stored on our Server. Whenever some of them open certain Documents after signing in, they get the attached error message and are prompted to repair the Cache and recover the files that failed to upload. It then creates another Cache-file and stores everything in there. Once repaired and the Upload Center closed, they can open files normally again until the next log-on. Some people already have like 30 cache files because of that error.
I know that there’s a similar issue in Office 365 and it can be fixed by changing the location for files within OneDrive.
Since there is no OneDrive involved here, I don’t really have the experience to find a fix for that and I don’t really want to move stuff around on that server without knowing what I’m doing.
Completely re-doing profiles helped in the past but that was extremely time-consuming and for some people the error re-occurred anyways after a while.
Hopefully someone can help :slight_smile:!

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Have indeed also experience this issue with remote apps within a Terminal Server environment using Office.

We’ve noticed that moving over to 365 has had a major impact on the performance and reduced any caching issues.

One deploys via ODT, push the license and then install the apps on the RDS server.

Microsoft has a great article on this -

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