Problem setting the primary DNS server and deploying a file share in group policy

Hi Paul,
II do not know ho to fix 2 problems:
1)I configured my first Domain controller setting ip address as i get from DHCP server, i i set a fixed one with the primary DNS server set to the value of the default gateway. see picture: image . My server’s name is Marketing,local, when i tried to resolved it issuing : nslookup Marketing.local it said : unknow server What could be the problem please?
2)I create a file share name Desktop Background as required and make it assessible to authenticated users . I log out from my server and logging through another server but i can not see the file share from there. No way to understand the issue even here . My question is this: how the other server shoud me configured with respect to the one where i create the share?
This is the internet setting in the second server : image
Even in the second server i am having DNS issues. and when try to logging using some accounts i create it say the user is not allowed to used that signing method.

Please thanks for Help

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Please share a screenshot of your nslookup results and your shared folder screenshot and attempt to access it.

Thanks for answering.
Theses are the screenshots: This is the shared forder i create:

and the error i got when attempting to search it form the other server. .
The nslookup error: ![NSLOOKUP from the other server|690x438].
The server (DC02) was configured as a second domain controller to the first one (DE01).(upload://zRbnzOii0oaGQNXQrC60nMpSzfe.png).

Thanks you

The screen of the nslookup errors: ![NSLOOKUP errors from the two domains controllers| :


Thanks so much

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Hmm, try to access it via IP address at \

Where is this IT lab hosted? VirtualBox, Hyper-V, etc? How are they connected?