Promoting the second DC


I am stuck at getting the right primary DNS for the first DC. Have tried several and none of them seem to work. How do I check for this information.
nslookup fails…

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You need to verify the settings in your IT lab. Always check the IP address of your primary DC / DNS server before attempting to set the IP address. We don’t necessarily want you to match the settings in the videos, but instead check your lab configuration so you understand why you’re using the settings you are using.

My hunch is that it is

Your preferred DNS server, is the IP address of your Primary DNS server.
I usually set my alternate to a server that has internet access. works. That is googles DNS server.
Hope that helps.

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I made also a topic related to DNS. The IP for the DNS server is as @ServerAcademy said, but those time-outs I do got them also. Even he can see the DNS server (ping).

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In this instance, the default gateway is not a DNS server (as far as I know). So set your primary to be one of your DNS servers in your network ( or from the looks of your lab).