Pushing Windows 10 v 2003 with WSUS

I see the install on the workstaation but when we tried to install I get an error code 0x80070057. Brief Google searching didn’t give me a lot of direction. Also new to WSUS Thanks!

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Hey Chance,

Is this from the server or the client? Please include a screenshot of what you’re seeing. Are you installing WSUS on Server 2003?


Hey Paul,
This is in a live environment using server 2012. I have a feeling it is related to a GPO blocking the update/WSUS connection would that make sense to you?

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Ah got it. First, see if the computer is configured to pull updates from your WSUS server. Run RSOP.msc and look for your group policy settings. Next make sure the server can contact the WSUS server by running the Test-NetConnection PowerShell command:

You will want to use -ComputerName and the IP of your WSUS server and -Port and the port your configured WSUS to run on (default is 8530 for HTTP and 8531 for HTTPs).