Question on Transferring FSMO and few General remarks

First a general remark, I have sometime problems to follow you, due the fact you are (for me then) talking pretty fast, English is not my native language but I can understand it well.
For me is that you want to make the video as short as possible, some rest and more explanation would for me do the best. I would like to see some more rest, time and more explanations. Also if I want to do it myself. Also due the fact it is not live, questions are not possible at that moment… :smiley:

In the Transferring FSMO Roles, you went to the AD Schema in the console (MMC) and also in the AD for Users and Computers and AD Domains and Trust, for me it is not clear if you need to do all of them change or one of them (in AD users and computers you can make 3 changes RID, PDC and Infrastructure). If you only change one of them, what is the effect and maybe the most of all, when or why you would move them.

I miss some substantiation on what each setting does and what the effects will be.
Like the PDC, that is only one PDC (Windows NT, surprised that is still in it… lol),

Just curious, the classes and Attributes in the AD Schema (MMC), what are they for and when you will need to do something in that?

thank you in advantage and keep the good work up!

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Hey Luuc,

Thanks for the feedback. I do tend to be on the fast side. I try to find a balance of not going too fast without adding a lot of fluff and unnecessary space. This makes us unique in that you can learn many more topics in a much shorter time - but it can also be too fast.

Definitely make use of the pause button. I will try to slow my pace a bit more as well.

Regarding the FSMO roles, you would transfer those if you have multiple DCs and you want to spread out the workload between those. Or maybe you are replace a DC, and need to transfer the FSMO role from the older server to the new.

The AD Schema is the data behind Active Directory. This is a really long explanation but I think it would be better to read it directly from Microsoft:


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