Request: File sharing and everything to do with it

Personal I couldn’t find it. But did you make anything with DFS and/or DFSR Replication, or maybe even start with the basic.

If not… then here is my request :smile::

  • Sharing (creating)
  • Advanced Sharing, difference between sharing and Advanced sharing, difference between Allow and Deny access. Caching for offline Setting.
  • Permissions within Advanced Sharing
  • Security (and the difference between sharing and Security)
  • Effective Access and/or rights. (when Share and advanced sharing is been used), Right to user/ Group and Device. How does Rights to a device works.
  • Disable/ Enable inheritance, when to use it and what is the difference. Replace Child Object Permission.
  • Auditing, when to use it and why…
  • Using Local/Global/Universal Groups, also what can be used and what not. (global in local, local in local… Universal in local). Best way to set up, not what is possible (like adding users to a share, for management shake that is a very bad practise).
  • DFS, how to set up and access it.
  • DFSR replication, how to set up.
  • Anything else about this…

Now, I do know some things… but other things been some time I worked with.
Think for a Server Administrator this will be things that need get knowledge off.

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Hey @luuc.zandbergen,

Sorry for the delay. Thank you for the request - this is perfect!

We will be bringing ADMT / active directory user migration first before file shares and DFS in the next week or two.

We will do this file share request after that. Please any one else who has any other additional questions about shares please add them to this thread.