SCCM Cannot connect to the site

Hello Dear All,

I rebuild another Lab to install SCCM configurtion manager. Despite some issues I got during the installation regarding configuration, i find myself stuck to connect SCCM to the site.
I ve searched on to find some similar issue but the way those who got this issue before me solved theirs can’t help me to solve mine. I started all SQL services, allow Port 1433, connect SSMS to SQL… I don’t know what else to do.
I need any syggestion from the community to fix that, please.
Please find attached the screenshot
Thank you in advance

Hello Andre,
Try this to fix your problem. Be sure you are logged into the server as Domain Admin. Let me know if you have additional problems.

  1. Go to start, look for Microsoft system center

  2. In that folder choose Config manager setup

  3. Once it loads up hit next and choose the Perform site maintenance or reset site option

  4. Click next, choose the top option, Reset site with no config changes

  5. Hit next and it will go through the process of stopping services and re-applying permissions.

Once that’s done, try to launch the admin console again and it should connect and load up like normal.

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Hello Instructor Robert,

Thank you for assistance.
I got the messages few hours after I Uninstall SQL and SCCM Console totaly in order to reinstall.

That is what I did and finallym this evening I successfully complete the installation (Cf ScreenShot).

However, your method will be an experience for me in the future.

Thank you againsccm

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Hello Andre,

I am so glad you were able to work your way through that issue. Good job!!


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