Static IP Address Not Working

Hi Paul, I had just created HyperV running Server 2016- (DC01) off of host Win-10. HyperV is using External network adaptor and when I set DC01 to DHCP would I have internet but when set to static IP, network become off line. What could be causing this?

Host IP:


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What about your default gateway? Here is one quick thing you can do to figure it out.

  1. Turn on DHCP
  2. Run ipconfig /all and save ALL of the IP settings
  3. Assign those as your static IP config

Just keep in mind this will conflict with the DHCP scope so if you did this in a network with other DHCP clients you could cause an IPv4 conflict (same IP set static on your PC, and same IP assigned to another computer via DHCP).

I think your default gateway is probably incorrect.