Trouble with Roaming Profile Setup

I cant seem to get the roaming profile to show up on my Windows 10 workstation VM, I know its networked correctly because I successfully deployed & zip to it. The Roaming profile does not show up under my user profile, I made sure I did a gpupdate /force on DC01 and made sure I restarted the win 10 workstation VM. Are my settings correct? What could be the problem?

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Hi Kevin,
This link may help you with your problem:

Also under “Member Of” in your profile are you a member of “Roaming Profile Users”?

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I have issue with Roaming Profiles & Window 10 Apps (like sticky notes). Is there an advanced lecture series guide to advanced Roaming Profile configurations?

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@kevin.smithson can you user open the roaming profile share directory AT “\\Profiles$\kevin.smithson” ?