Updating SCCM and checking status


I run the pre-requisite check before installing update and I realize by the end of checking the status set to “not started yet”.

I try to view how to install, the system suggests to download instead of install.

Also, I have two additional updates 2002 and 2006. I was supposed to update from 1902 to 1910.
In this case, what can I do to solve that in order to respect the compatibility, I was interrested to the 1910 version status.

I need your help to solve that issue. And could you tell me what if I install 2006 version regarding the compatibility purpose?

Thank you.for help


Hello Andre
Please be sure that you have updated ADK to version to version 1903 before you attempt updating Sccm to version 1910.

Regarding to Instructor Robert reply, I have updated my ADK version to 1903 (10.1.18362), but the download button

is still greyed.
So I can’t update my SCCM to version 1910 or later.
Is there another way to solve this issue, please?
Thank you in advance

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