Virtualization Enable from BIOS and for 32/64 bit

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I noticed in couple of virtual box lab set up that Paul will be putting in instructions as to how we can troublehsoot 32 bit versions not being displayed and/or enabling Virtualization.

But I could not find any document or instructions for that. Can we please share a video or document for this?

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Hi @vidhyutv

In some cases you will see only 32-bit options when installing VirtualBox and creating Virtual Machines:


That means that Intel (R) Virtualization Technology and Intel (R) VT-d need to be enabled in your BIOS to display 64-bit options, so if you have only 32-bit versions available it could mean that you don’t have virtualization enabled in your BIOS or it could mean that you don’t have a 64-bit Operating System or a 64-bit processor.


Thank You @ricardo.p .

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