Windows Server 2016 ISO download issues

I was recently going through the videos on the vm lab set up and had several problems.
One of the things I noticed was the page in the Microsoft Eval part looked much different than what I was seeing.
Here are some screenshots of the ones I saw…

This is a screenshot of what I was starting off with…

This is what it looked like before I attempted to mount the iso download…

This is what it looked like after attempting to mount the iso from watching the video…
screen shot 6

Hi @brady.durham

I see. Some things have slightly changed. With the download Page on the first screenshot, you just click the link from ISO downloads 64-bit edition.

From VirtualBox add media on the last screen, click on Add, and browse to the folder where you saved the ISO to select it.


I’m sorry but I don’t understand anything that you posted. I don’t see at all where to add media, or anything else in the instructions.

I see it now but couldn’t add media. This is what it looked like…

Click the empty CD icon there and then on the right under Attributes Optical Drive you click on the optical drive icon again, always on the right. Select the ISO file and click OK.

Check this video from Paul on the Building Your IT Lab course. It explains it in detail. Check from min 2:15.

Thanks Ricardo, I will definitely watch it. I did click on the empty cd icon but couldn’t do anything after that, it was gray like in the screenshot. I’ll start over from scratch when I watch the video you sent.

Ok, let us know how it goes.