WSUS installation Failure

Following the SCCM course, I failed many times to complete my personal Lab because the WSUS role and some Features cannot be installed such as .NET Framework 3.5…
Finally I install SCCM without WSUS.
Bellow are some screenshots.
If these pictures make sens, I would need help from anyone in order to complete my SCCM installation.
Thank you

Hmm this is interesting. Are there any other errors you can see on your server? Are you logged in as an administrator?

Also what version of Windows Server are you installing WSUS on? My team and I were setting up a local WSUS installation on Server 2019 and were having a lot of issues with it. We are going to see if 2016 will run smoother.

Hi Instructor,
Few weeks ago, I told you that I was unabled to install WSUS joined SQL winthout understanding why the installation always failed.
Today, I am happy to inform you that is done. The raison why I couldn’t install that was a WSUS GPO I have created on the the DC SADC01. As soon as I understood and I disabled the WSUS, my WSUS installation has completed successfully.
Thank you for assistance

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Excellent! Very glad to hear that you got that worked out.