Discovery Method cannot find my Windows 10 Computer located in Workstation OU

As defined in the title, I configure the discovery Methods on my Lab but only Users i created and SCCM01 computer are reconnignised. I cannot keep on configure Client Push Installation.
Could someone tell me what 's going wrong please?
Bellow, the screenshot of my discovery methods

nk you

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hmm… for me is this a wild guess… But, Network Discovery, that is enabled?
Not sure if it does in this something, always worth to check it.



For a reply I must enter 50 characters, so… this is a story of a question… :smiley:

Did it fix it?

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What other computers are in your domain? Please post screenshots of the AD computers as well as your discovery settings you configured. We don’t have enough information to be able to help at this point.

Aside the GCSCCM01 (, I have the GCDC01 ( and one GCWS01 (Windows 10 Workstation: from DHCP). FW allowed to connect to Files and Printers as well as WMI in both Inbound ans outbound.
After, I configured the GPO and point them to the WSUS, the whole computer appears in the WSUS wizard. The DC is greening except the two others. This is WSUS managenent, I will fix that later.
In the SCCM console, only GCSCCM01 is shown as you can see above. But why not my GCDC01 and the GCWS01?
If you check out my ADUC, I delete Computers OU and drag again GCSCCM01 to the members Server. Group OU is empty.
GCWS01 is inside the Workstation OU. Users OU has regular users and Admins OU has Admin-Users…
Here are some pictures to help understanding my problems.
FromTheGC0SCC01_ThisIsDicoveryDevice_HereIsMyProblem FromTheGC0SCC01_ThisIsDicoveryMethod FromTheGC0SCC01_ThisIsDicoveryUsers FromTheGC0SCC01_ThisIsWSUS_Console

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Dear Luuc,
I applied your suggestion but there is no change.

Today I am also thinking about the security purpose that would like people to leave this option off.

How do you appreciate that?


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Just curious, How often does WSUS update the computers/groups?


WSUS Check by default every 22 hours for new computers.

Following source of:

  1. Run “gpupdate /force” command on the Windows client/server that have a registration issue in WSUS.
  2. Run "wuauclt /detectnow " command on the Windows client/server that have a registration issue in WSUS.
    Tip: You can use the Event Viewer to review the re-registration

Troubleshooting Tools
3. In rare cases, you may need to run: “wuauclt.exe /resetauthorization /detectnow” command on the Windows client/server that have a registration issue in WSUS.


Can you post a screenshot of your Active Directory discovery method settings? It should at least be discovering the computer account so I want to see if something is misconfigured there.

Do you mean the fouth screenshot above there?
I have sent you six screenshots, the fouth might be what you are asking about.
Otherwise, precise me and i will provide you that.

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Sorry - yes I need you to double click Active Directory Discovery Methods and let me see what the settings are for that option.

Hello Instructor Paul,
As you let me know that I had to install SCCM on the Windows10 computer, I begin the installation which stops later because of the attached message.
I don’t know if any configuration is required for Windows 10 to complete the installation.
I need your point of view to do that please!
Thank you in advance.
PS: I realize that my problem is still growing more and more… This to tell me that I am not enough administrator!

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No no no… You need to install the SCCM client on your Windows 10 devices NOT SCCM. I strongly recommend that you go through the SCCM course again or at least review the curriculum so you can see how SCCM should be installed and deployed in your network:

Specifically look at the section that teaches how to deploy the SCCM client:

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I missundertood your opinion. And that was also tough to do because I succeeded to install NET 3.5 Framework but no more…
Please find bellow the screenshot of my discovery Methods.
AD Forest and Group Discovery Properties AD Heartbeat and Network Discovery AD System and User Discovery
Also, recall that earlier, I told you that i bought a windows server book (more than 1000 pages for ebook and +500 pages for another and so I didn’t understant anything and I store that in my keeping book. Today, I understand what this book is talking about thank to my windows server e-learning. Here is the title of the book: SCCM current branch UNLEASHED, the second is SCCM Reporting UNLEASHED, the third Ebook more than 1000 pages)

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Are your clients located in the workstations OU in AD? Try adding the root of your domain and see if SCCM discovered your computers then. Your setup looks good in SCCM from what I can see but I don’t know about how your AD is configured.

Also can you verify that you installed the SCCM Client on your workstations and they have network connectivity to SCCM? Test the connection with PowerShell and the ports with:

Test-NetConnection -Computer Name [Your SCCM IP address] -Port [SCCM Port]

Hello Andre,
Let’s start here. Can you ping all your devices in the command prompt?

Hello Instructor Paul,
Here is the screenshot of Ping I ve just FYI
I am going to test using PowerShell and I revert to you in case something goes wrong.
Right now, i am installing the WorkStation using PushInstallation. The problem Iam facing is tha I cannot find ccmsetup on my Worktation when verifyeng the cmtrace tools

Thank you

Hello Instructor Robert,
Excuse, I reply to your question through Instructor Paul. I am sorry.
You asked me to ping using PowerShell, but my PowerShell on the WorkStation is very slow to load and I am waiting to do that and inform you.
Thank you for your consistent monitoring.

Hello, this is me again,
It 's left my DC01 to be displayed on the SCCM, I hereby send you its location in the AD, could you tell me if there is any settings related to the DC that I failed to configure? Please.
I’ll continue to review module 8 to check out the issue.

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So if you’re expecting the Domain Controller to be discovered it won’t. In your Active Directory discovery method you have it set to two specific OUs. Try discovering the entire forest or domain instead of the specific OUs you have configured: