Unassigned Computers retrieve computer from an assigned location (WSUS))

I have created two applications notepad ++ and 7-Zip 7.8.6_msi however, I can’t deploy them because my windows 10 computer is not recognized inside my Sccm console except in WSUS console.

But from the WSUS console, this recognition leads to another issue that following:
I created a computer group in the wsus console (Windows 10 and 16). From Unassigned computers, I change membership, I add windows 10 into the Windows 10 group, unfortunatly, two days later, the unassigned group retrieve back that computer.

When i want to retry to change membership again, the link to execute is greyed. So I am still stuck over there. Help. please!

Bellow are some pictures for more comprehension.

Thank you in advance for help.

ApplicationDeployment ChangingMembershipFailed

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Deploying an application doesn’t really have anything to do with WSUS. Have you installed the SCCM client on your Windows 10 computers?

To install SCCM on my windows 10, I didn’t know that refering to the course. I’m going to try it now.

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Ok so you’re installing the SCCM client on your Windows 10 VM right?

It doesn’t work:

  • First because there was not Framework 3.5 NET, secondly after I installed that I click Install from the SCCM wizard, accept the terms of licences, then the console has greyed here. No way to continue installation. (I sent you the picture when that’s failed).
    Today, my Windows 10 computer (GCWS01) is recognized. I am happy for that. What did I do? I just review the component of the “System Management Container” , here, the GC0SCCM01 “computer icon” was a “user icon”
    The result is as shown bellow:
    Question: What about my Domain Controller computer? It doesn’t matter if it is not displayed to the SCCM console?
    If it is rigth, please consider this issue as solved.
    Thank you

I addressed your DC not showing up in your other SCCM thread here: Discovery Method cannot find my Windows 10 Computer located in Workstation OU